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This resource is perfect for students in Latin classes who are looking for ways to improve their vocabulary and retention. Each of these flashcards contain the Latin word with and basic forms with English translation on the other side. Images are included with each flashcard to help students associate the words with actions and images to help the conceptualize the word more intuitively than relying solely on translating the word from Latin to English.

Subject: Essential Latin Verbs
Pages: 27 (100 Latin Verb Flashcards)
Difficulty: Latin I+
Concepts tested:

  • Identifying English definitions of Latin verbs
  • Identifying principle parts of Latin verbs
  • Identifying English derivatives of Latin verbs
  • Identifying corresponding Latin to English words

Instructions For Making Flashcards:

  1. Print the flashcard on a sheet of paper or card stock.
  2. Cut the flashcards along the horizontal line.
  3. Fold card on the vertical line.
  4. If printed on regular paper, add an index card or card stock for extra strength.
  5. Glue the undersides of the card and stick together. Glue sticks work terrifically.
  6. Trim the excess around the border of the card to your liking.