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Item description

The 100th day of school is always very exciting for kids! Make it exciting- and low prep- for you as a teacher!

I have created 6 different activities for you to use as well as a 100 days smarter certificate for your students. 

There are 2 writing activities, 2 math activities and 2 fine motor activities included. 

The activities are: 

Writing: If I had $100 

Writing: Happy 100th Birthday to me! 

Math: Cut and Paste skip count to 100 

Math: Fill in the missing numbers to 100 

Fine Motor: 100 coloring page 

Fine Motor: 100th day Badge 

How to Use: 

You can use this activity anytime during the 100th day of school Perfect for: 

  • Small Group
  • Whole Group
  • RTI
  • Morning Tubs 
  • Morning Work
  • Early Finishers
  • Any other time! 

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