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Ocean {Under the Sea} Themed 100th Day Math, STEAM Centers, Reading
with Grammar and Drawing, Writing, a Kindness Challenge and Exercise
Pages are all included within this activity packet for the Fifth Grade!


*** A packet cover (for binding pages together if desired)

*** 100th Day Math These pages involve division, exponents, subtraction, multiplication, decimals, patterns, order of operations, drawing to
100, rolling and dividing to 100, writing backwards from 100, multiples
of 7, pattern counting by 9’s and by 10.100’s, subtraction patterns by
12’s, coin toss to 100, movement predictions, and sorting (if you had
students bring in items, OR you can use your own math

*** 100th Day Writing with Illustrations Activities

*** Quick Written Response Graphic Organizers

*** Ocean Themed 100th Day Exercises. Use one at the start of the day, one midway through, and another to wrap up your day.

*** Reading and Retelling by Drawing (with Grammar Practice) Activities

*** STEAM 100th Day Centers or Whole Group Hands-on Activities. Each
activity uses the number 100. A double-sided recording sheet is

*** 100TH Day Kindness Challenges with a backside for students to recap.