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Celebrate the 100th Day of School with this fantastic PowerPoint set of over 22 activities. Perfect for sharing on your smartboard in your classroom. Your students will love listening to the stories, joining in with the music & movement activities, having a go at thinking critically, practicing their writing and counting skills, having fun with some hands-on activities and so much more.



This resource contains YouTube videos. Please check with your school/school district if you can or are allowed to use/view/share YouTube videos with your student before purchasing this resource.



Rearrange / Add / Delete slides to create a PowerPoint to suit your needs.

– Copy the worksheets you will be using and create a workbook packet for each of your students to give out or send home ahead of time.

-Prepare the additional materials needed or make sure you send a note home to parents.



Read Aloud:

  • Story time: The night before the 100th day. (Read aloud video.)

  • Story time: 100th Day Worries. (Read aloud video.)

  • Story time: Ms. Bindergarten Celebrate the 100th Day of Kindergarten. (Read aloud video.)

  • Story time: Happy 100th Day of School. (Read aloud video.)


Counting Practice:

  • Let’s count to 100: Video. (Scratch Garden)

  • Let’s count by 10s: Video. (Scratch Garden)

  • Let’s count by 5’s: Video. (Scratch Garden)


Music and Movement:

  • Let’s dance: Video. (Celebration dance)

  • Let’s jump: Video. (Jumping for 100 seconds)

  • Let’s move: Video. (100th day of school workout routine)

  • Let’s sing: Video. (100th day song)


Critical Thinking:

  • Let’s talk: Which one doesn’t belong activity.

  • Let’s think: Would you rather activity.

  • Let’s look: Comparing activity.


Writing Activities:

  • Let’s write: What would you do with $100? (Worksheet included)

  • Let’s find: Word search activity. (2 Differentiated worksheets provided)


Math Activities:

  • Let’s work it out: Work out the hidden number on the 100 chart. (Recording page included)

  • Let’s fill it in: Fill in the missing numbers on the 100 chart. (2 Differentiated worksheets provided)


Hands On Activities:

  • Let’s build: STEM cup/block challenge. (Additional material required)

  • Let’s make: Necklace threading activity. (Additional material required)


Creative Activities:

  • Let’s draw: What will you look like when you are 100 years old. (Worksheet included)

  • Let’s create: The number 100 picture activity. (Worksheet included)

  • Let’s color: Color by code activity. (Worksheet included, 1 in color and 1 in BW)


NOTE: A blank editable slide is included at the end of the PowerPoint.


FORMAT: PDF File (Workbook) + Editable PowerPoint File (Slides)



Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy this 100th Day of School set!


Sue x