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Are you looking for a fun and engaging 100th Day of School Activities that are quick and easy to set up? This resource is packed full of fun ideas, activities, centers, games and crafts to create an unforgettable day celebrating the 100th day of school.

These ACTIVITIES are designed for you to use in class to complement lessons, in groups to support and reinforce learning, individually as well as in small groups to promote knowledge and understanding, set out in centers to use independently… the possibilities are endless!

This Set Includes:

– Front Cover for Booklet

– 100 Years Old? x2

– What have I learned so far? x2

– 100 Gumball Painting

– 100 Objects Hunt

– Missing Numbers in Chart x2

– Skip Counting (2s, 5s &10s)

– Name Writing in 100 Seconds

– $100 Writing Activity

– 100 Fingerprints

– Treasure Hunt

– 100th Day Puzzle

– 100th Day Workout Challenge

– 100 Writing Cards x3 (Places to see, Questions, Tricky words)

– Blank Ten Frames x3

– 10 Blank Square Rods x5

– 100 Monster Drawing Activity

– Activity Challenge x5

– Race to 100 Game

– 100th Day Crown Activity

– 100th Day Snack Mat x2

– 100th Day Award


Thank you for visiting and Happy 100th Day of School!