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Item description

  • This file includes 60 Worksheets to Practice 120 basic Sight Words
  • Ideal for reading Level Books
  • The list of words:

Set 1 – the, a, be, by, do, go, he, to, or, we, me, my, she, her, their, them, they, there, where, you, play, here, girl, boy, one, two, three, day, are, all

Set 2 – have, good, into, new, like, blue, away, please, out, down, come, now, our, find, for funny, time, said, little, look, eat, your, five, yellow, four, see, make, came, then, want

Set3 – pretty, ride, saw, say, soon, that, this, too, under, was, well, what, white, who, with, work, after, again, any, could, every, going, know, may, once, upon, over, take, round, some

Set 4 – thank, think, walk, were, when, always, around, because, been, before, best, both, call, cold, does, first, second, third, fourth, green, made, many, off, pull, read, right, sing, sleep, open, very