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If you are looking for social studies review activity for your high school  students covering the reform movements of the 19th Century in the United States, the 19th Century Reform BINGO game is just what you need. The BINGO game consists of 32 game cards, a master game board, and 34 question cards. The reform movements include; religious reform during the Second Great Awakening, Temperance, Education reform, the Abolitionist movement, Women’s Rights, and Prison & Mental Asylum reform. The game also includes key Utopian societies during the time period and Transcendentalism.

Terms and People covered: 

Harriet Beecher Stowe / Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Ann Lee / Shakers, Frederick Douglass / North Star, Susan B. Anthony, Horace Mann, Angelina Grimke, Joseph Smith / Mormons, William Lloyd Garrison / The Liberator, David Walker, Sojourner Truth, New Harmony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Dorothea Dix, William Miller / Millerites, Temperance, John Humphrey Noyes / Oneida Community, William McGuffey, Timothy Dwight, Sarah Grimke, Henry David Thoreau, Seneca Falls Conference, Charles Grandison Finney, Abolitionist, Brook Farm, Lucretia Mott, Tappan Flyers, Ralph Waldo Emerson

If some of the terms do not align with your standards, simply cross out the terms that do not align and fill in with another term.

Why do teachers love this review activity?

⭐Once you prep, you can use it over and over.

⭐Use it for the big test review and also as a refresher right before end-of-course exams.

⭐It’s a high engagement activity that will keep your students totally engaged.

Georgia Standards:

✔ SSUSH6 The student will analyze the nature of territorial and population growth and the impact of this growth in the early decades of the new nation.

✔ SSUSH7 The student will explain the process of economic growth, its regional and national impact in the first half of the 19th century, and the different responses to it.


All pages are pdf.

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