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Halloween Interactive Games & Puzzles Bundle

Great fun activities to use as starters, extension activities or just a bit of fun to brighten the day.

Jigsaw Collection Wizardry & Witchcraft:

Just a bit of fun, 5 jigsaws in each set. 400 x 400, 16 pieces against the timer (3 minutes). Good for hand/eye coordination. Not age restrictive.

Note: HTML version scatters pieces better making it more challenging, however sometimes the pieces seem to be hidden behind the timer, so click reset before starting quiz to make sure you can see them all.

(Please note that versions of this puzzle are also provided in pdf format, just double click from file to open). (Adobe Reader 9 or above)

For html format pls run Index file. Seems to work best in Firefox, IE, Microsoft Edge or Safari.

Catch the Answers Game (Easy trivia questions about witches): (Adobe Reader 9 or above)

2 lives per question; answers have to be caught in the basket by using the keyboard spacebar and left and right arrow keys. Promotes good eye-hand coordination. Fun activity. Learners have to identify if the highlighted word is an Adjective, Verb, Noun or Adverb. The score is displayed at the end of the game. UK & USA Version included.

Digital Matching Pairs Game – Witchcraft (Adobe Reader 9 or above).

Match the fun images before the time runs out.


A variation on timed games: Same game one at 2 mins and one at 3 mins

Good for hand-eye coordination.

***NOTE:  Items can be purchased separately apart from the Bonus item***

BONUS:  Printable Halloween Math Addition Missing Numbers & Maze

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