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This set of no-prep worksheets teaches beginning readers how to find the main idea and details when reading. They are designed for students working on a first grade level.


  • read a short passage or story
  • answer comprehension questions about the story
  • identify the main idea
  • identify details that tell more about the main idea

There are 8 sets of worksheets in this pack:

  • PAGE 1 of each set features a short story or informational passage. Students will read the passage and then use the text to answer three comprehension questions.
  • PAGE 2 is a cut-and-paste graphic organizer. Students cut out three statements from the text and glue them onto the graphic organizer to show which is the main idea and which are the details.
  • Each set also includes answer keys.

While these activities are designed to help teach main idea, they also let your students practice reading grade-appropriate text and finding answers in the text. When answering the comprehension questions, I like to have my students highlight where they found the answers (as pictured on the cover). This shows me that they referred back to the text to find the information.


  • Decodable text with common first grade sight words
  • Clear, easy-to-read font
  • Uncluttered design that lets students focus on the text
  • Answers that can be found directly in the text

These work well as homework, in literacy centers, or even for assessment. They are also excellent for students with a main idea IEP goal because they let you easily target the skill and collect specific data.