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1st Grade NO PREP Math and Literacy Packet (October)


This resource includes October NO PREP Math and literacy Packet for 1st Grade which is a fun resource for kids learning. The activities in this Math packet is best for or centers, homeworkmorning work, and group work.

The resource is totally NO PREP! Just PRINT!

This packet includes the following printables:

  1. Pumpkin Fact family
  2. Candy corn missing Addends
  3. Fact Family roll a dice
  4. Place Value, find Tens, one, and expanded form of a number.
  5. Add 2 numbers
  6. Subtract 2 numbers
  7. Find the missing numbers
  8. Draw the hands on the clock
  9. Find the time on the clock.
  10. Color the object by addition
  11. Addition word problems
  12. Subtraction Word problems
  13. Compare numbers by using < , = , >
  14. Ten less and Ten more
  15. One less and One More
  16. Base Ten Place Value- Count the base ten rods and units.
  17. Compare Base ten blocks by using < , = , >
  18. Put the Numbers in Order from Least to Greatest
  19. Put the Numbers in Order from Greatest to least
  20. Part part whole
  21. Find the correct number word
  22. Ten Frames counting from 1-20
  23. Add 3 numbers
  24. Write the number to balance the equation

The product is available Ready to Print PDF Format.