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Item description

This is a 19 page Printable Counting Workbook.

For Kinder and 1st Grade.

In this Workbook you can find

Counting from 0-20

Filling in missing numbers 0-20

Counting to 100

Filling in missing numbers to 100

Counting by 2

Counting by 5

Counting by 10

Filling in even Numbers

Filling in Odd numbers

Filling in every number sectioned into 20 numbers a piece

100 and 0-20 ONLY

This workbook does NOT have a 120 Chart, that will be a Workbook of its own. 

Please use for personal or classroom use only.

Do not resale this digital file.

Do not print and sell this digital file. 

This is for personal and classroom use only.

We love Homeschool and Public School.

I Have 2 kids, one in public school and one in Homeschool!! 

I think of both of my Children when I Create their Curriculum, and 

I would love to share it with you as well.

These files are PDF and can be used anywhere a PDF is acceptable.

Eg- Printed, or digitally in Goodnotes and other programs, on iPad and Android.

I hope your little ones really enjoy these to their full extent.

My son really enjoys them. 

Have a wonderful day, and happy Schooling, No Matter Where you Do it!