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These adorable valentine caterpillar and mailbox preposition posters will surely delight your students and bring some color and fun to your classroom walls! 14 half page color posters targeting prepositions of place. Simply laminate, cut and hang on your wall or bulletin board.

The following 14 prepositions are included:
above, around, between, behind, in, in front, next to, beside, on, on top, out, through, under, over.

Also included is a 2 page reference guide in color and black and white of all 14 prepositions. These can be printed and put into student notebooks or used as a quick reference guide and a tool for spelling/vocabulary during writing sessions. You can print full color, laminate, cut and then put onto a ring or you can print the black and white onto colored paper and staple and/or laminate for each student

You could also give the students the black and white version to color and decorate themselves and then cut and turn into a reference booklet by stapling the sides or top corner.

Also included is a “make your own preposition” banner or pennant in which you assign a preposition to the student (or they can choose themselves) and they get a strip with a caterpillar and mailbox that they color and cut out. Then they assemble both pieces onto their banner to illustrate the given preposition and glue into place. They can then draw any additional features that help show the preposition. They are required to write a sentence about their illustration using the given preposition. Finally color and decorate the banner, cut around the outside edge and staple or tape over a string and hang onto a wall or across your classroom!