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20 fun mystery reading comprehension passages, with questions that require students to make inferences and draw conclusions to arrive at the solution- could learning reading strategies BE any more enjoyable? The 86 pages of this reading comprehension packet will keep your grades 5-8 students very busy. They will practice vital reading and critical thinking skills for weeks, with smiles on their faces! Not only do students have to deduce conclusions about whodunnit, but they also have to explain how they arrived at their answer. After reading the story solution, students have to search for the text evidence that provided the best clue to the answer, then explain why that evidence is a vital piece of information in reading between the lines. This resource contains vital components of the RACE strategy!

All questions have model responses, written in sentences. All stories have additional brain teaser activities either for early finishers, or for fun for everyone. 20 stories, 20 sets of questions and answers, AND 20 sets of activities and answers- PHEW! The ability of your students to infer, draw conclusions and link cause and effect will rocket and you will have a no-prep comprehension collection that you can always rely upon!

19 of the passages are prose stories, and the final mystery is a 5 page Readers’ Theater script, “The Mystery of the Missing Money.” Like all of the mysteries in this collection, this fun whodunnit is drawn from another of my resources. This collection is indeed like a greatest hits album! The stories come from 14 different resources. No resource has more than two stories taken from it. 

How to use this resource

The easiest way to use the resource is probably to put up the stories and answers on your screen and photocopy the question and activity sheets (one worksheet for each story). All of the question sheets have been placed in a separate package, as well as being in the resource. No sorting through the whole packet to find each worksheet- you can simply open up the worksheet folder and hit ‘print’!

86 pages of content!

20 mysteries

20 sets of questions & answers

20 activities

= maximum fun & a huge bargain!

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