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Item description

This resource is perfect for students in grades 4 and up who are looking to improve their vocabulary. This resource contains flashcards for 200 common roots, prefixes, and suffixes in English to help students understand more difficult English words. There are also five pages of blank flashcards (totaling 40 one-sided) and two pages of linking dots (50 total).

Once you print out the flashcards, you can use the blank templates to add your own roots/prefixes/suffixes. If you would like, print and cut out the linking dots to use along with the flashcards. They’re sized to fit the edges of the flashcards on the dotted lines. It helps make the flashcards more interactive as students can order the flashcards to create new word combinations and place the dots in between the cards to show the link/word.

Subject: Latin/Greek Roots + Other English Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes

Pages: 34 (200 One-sided Flashcards + 40 blank templates)

Difficulty: 4th grade+

Concepts tested:

  • Identifying common roots, prefixes, and suffixes in English
  • Understanding how to combine roots, prefixes, and suffixes into new words

Instructions For Making Flashcards

  1. Print the flashcard on a sheet of paper or card stock.
  2. Cut the flashcards along the horizontal line.
  3. Fold card on the vertical line.
  4. If printed on regular paper, add an index card or card stock for extra strength.
  5. Glue the undersides of the card and stick together. Glue sticks work terrifically.
  6. Trim the excess around the border of the card to your liking.