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This is a 70 page penguin literacy unit for Kindergarten with literacy and math worksheets, writing templates, a penguin mini-book, and a small group reading game. Students can learn a little about penguins from the mini-book and penguin facts sheet. The worksheets provide math and literacy practice. This makes a great addition to any penguin unit.


*Penguin song

*T-chart (record what students Know and Learned)

*Uppercase and Lowercase letter writing practice

*Circle the beginning sounds

*Write the beginning sounds

*Circle the ending sounds

*Count and Circle the Number of Syllables

*Ice Cube CVC Words (write the CVC words)

*Bubble Map (record facts about penguins)

*Penguin Facts page (non-fiction read aloud)

*Tree Diagram (list what penguins “are”, “have”, and “can do”)

*Mini-Book “I Can Read About Penguins” (short 8 page pre-primer and primer non-fiction reading)

*Mini-Book “Penguin Counting” (practice reading pre-primer, primer, and number words 1 to 6)

*Penguin writing templates

*Build A Penguin Sentence

*Penguin Picture Card Match Recording Sheet

*Picture/Word Cards (practice reading CVC, CVCC, and CCVC words)

*Number Flash Cards

*Penguin Mystery Picture (Hundreds Chart)

*Dominoes and Penguin Match Worksheet (numbers 1-5)

*Penguins and Tally Sticks Worksheet (numbers 6-10)

*Penguins and Tally Sticks (cut and paste 1-8)

*Penguins and Dominoes (cut and paste 11-20)

*Complete the Patterns (cut and paste)

*Adding Penguins (ten frame addition for sums to 10)

*Winter Objects Count and Graph Activity

*Fishy Comparisons (Identifying the group with more)

*Fishy Comparisons (Identifying the group with less)

I hope you and your students enjoy this unit and find it helpful.