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Do you want to introduce your students to famous women in history? Do you want to broaden your search beyond the United States? Do you want to show your students tread setters in industries like science, literature, entertainment, politics, and sports? If yes, this product is for you!

Do you know Anna May Wong? Admiral Grace Hopper? Marion Anderson? This resource offers you insight into 25 famous women from the U.S. and around the world. These posters are a great addition to your classroom or bulletin boards. You can also use them as reading comprehension sheets. Help students explore innovative and inspiring women from the past and the present. Help them learn about the various contributions they have made in the arts, science, literature, music, sports, and entertainment.

This resource is part of the “25 Famous…” series. Included on this resource are: 

* 25 Color Bibliography Posters

* 25 B/W Bibliography Posters

* 5 Inspirational Quotes Posters

People in this series:

• Diana Spencer (Princess Di) * Marian Anderson

• Anne Frank * Rosa Parks

• Simone Biles * Maya Angelou

• Malala Yousafzai * Marie Curie

• Shirley Chisholm * Queen Elizabeth II

• Misty Copeland * Sojourner Truth

• Aretha Franklin * Catherine the Great

• Jane Austin * Ruth Bader Ginsburg

• Dolly Parton * Florence Nightingale

• Amelia Earhart * Admiral Grace Hopper

• Anna May Wong * Michelle Obama

• Margaret Thatcher * Oprah Winfrey

• Edith Cowan 

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