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These 25 Feeling Play Dough mats are versatile and perfect for exploring a lot of different feelings and emotions. These pages can be printed and laminated for longevity. Each page includes a blank face which includes a variety of male and female style faces. Students are encouraged to create different facial expressions utilizing play dough to create the facial expressions for each one.

Note – These are versatile mats and can be used in many ways! For example, we have used pom poms, other art and craft materials as well as white board markers to create the facial expressions.

This activity often leads to open reflective conversations to support students to develop emotional literacy and insight around their feelings and emotions.

Additionally there is one blank play dough mat which states, “I feel …” and this mat allows the student to create a play dough face based on how they are feeling at that particular time.

This resource can be used as a whole workbook or provided as individual pages to students when required.

The following feeling play dough mats include the following emotions :

Surprised, suspicious, angry, confused, silly, shocked, scared, sad, nervous, sick, peaceful, proud, disappointed, disgusted, embarrassed, excited, frustrated, furious, happy, innocent, irritated, lonely, tired and worried.