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QUOTES are from: Proverbs 12:1 • Geeta Iyengar • Dana Stewart Scott • Zig Ziglar • Walter Brunell • Serbian Proverb • Allen Iverson • Lemony Snicket • Stephen R. Covey • Melissa Steginus • Agnes Allen • Samuel Johnson • Isaac Asimov • Horace • RuPaul • Victor Hugo • Brian Herbert • Michael Gove • Muhammad Ali • William J. Bennett • Proverbs 22:6.


This set of 25 rebuses, purposely made as a BACK-TO-SCHOOL activity, can be used on any day in any season.

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My rebus-related products come in different forms: worksheets, game cards, and PNG clipart images in PowerPoint presentations. To see the complete list, click REBUS PUZZLE GAMES, a category that I created to put all my rebus-related products together. Free or priced products may be added to this category. FOLLOW me to stay informed.