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Fun Holiday Christmas Math Puzzle Game!


15 Total Puzzles

2 Different Ways to Prepare the Puzzle Match Activities!


These math puzzles help to reinforce 2D shapes and their characteristics/attributes. They include 15 different 2D shapes. The students job would be to match all of the correct shape characteristics and attribute descriptions to the correct shape picture! When they are finished, they will have 15 Christmas Trees!


These are best used in a variety of ways that can meet the needs of your classroom. I like to use them in math centers as a spiral review, have them available for early finishers, reinforce and re-teach with these in a small group, have table groups play as a competition, or practice all together as a whole group to scaffold learning together following a mini lesson!

There are 2 different ways to cut and prepare the puzzles as seen in the instructions for differentiation. You can just cut one puzzle into 2 parts by just cutting of the star. This way, students can read all 3 attributes and just match all of these clues to the correct 2D shape on the star. (Matching the whole tree to the star.) The other way is trickier to really get students to think hard about representing numbers! You can cut the tree into 4 total parts by cutting the star off, the top strip of the shape characteristic #1, shape characteristic #2, and shape characteristic #3. Now the students have to match all 4 corresponding parts to piece together the entire tree! The shape characteristics that are included are if it is a 2D or 3D shape, how many sides, and how many vertices. (This way is also more time consuming for the students so it can be used as a great challenge of higher level thinkers or a great group activity so students can practice working together)