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Item description

Your students can already name some basic 2d shapes and they have handled many 2d shapes.


But can they draw / create 2d shapes?


This resource can help your students develop the skill of drawing 2d shapes. As they trace the shapes you can point out the properties of the shape and assess whether they can name the 2d shapes.


What is included in this resource?

✏Jungle animal themed shape tracers

Shapes included: square, circle, triangle, rectangle, crescent, trapezoid, hexagon, diamond, heart, oval, pentagon, star


Suggestions for this resource:

❤Laminate for durability

❤Provide whiteboard markers

❤Use to increase math related vocabulary

❤Ideal for homeschool, child care settings, workboxes, etc.


What prekindergarten skills can be developed using this resource?

✍Child names common shapes

✍Child creates shapes