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☀️ This NO PREP 2D shapes practice book is a great addition to your 2D shape activities! Students will enjoy identifying and sorting the shapes. This is perfect for pre-k, Kindergarten and grade 1 students.

☀️ It has 12 different shapes tracing and coloring pages followed by 17 different activities related to different shapes which will help the students to master 2D shape concepts. It has different real life objects so that students can easily relate them to day to day objects, which will help them to learn easily.

❤️ It has 12 shapes

– Triangle

– Circle

– Rectangle

– Square

– Rhombus

– Oval

– Pentagon

– Hexagon


– Octagon

– Star

– Trapezoid

It has 1 cover page

12 shapes tracing pages

17 different activities

Total 30 pages to print.


❤️The purchaser is granted to download and print this item for noncommercial individual or single classroom use only. This file and finished product is copyright protected and is not allowed to share or resold.❤️


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