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Are you looking for a way to teach subtraction strategies? These subtraction practice worksheets contain 3 digit subtraction using the expanded form subtraction strategy. Included in this product are also 2 colorful posters showing the strategy for no regrouping and regrouping. The guided practice pages and posters are great resources to send home as homework, since the examples at the top show parents how to use the strategy. The independent practice pages can also be used in math stations. This product can also provide differentiation and remediation since it includes problems with and without regrouping.


Colorful posters (2 posters for 3 digit subtraction) – 4 pages (Black and White option)

3 Digit Subtraction with no regrouping guided practice and independent practice – 6 pages

3 Digit Subtraction with regrouping guided practice and independent practice – 6 pages

Answer Keys – 1 page

What educators are saying:

I love your packs for small group intervention. I can pick and choose what my students need to help fill in the gaps.

— Emily A.

Rated 5 out of 5

Absolutely terrific! Completely matches my math curriculum. Perfect for additional student practice.