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‘Scr-’ ‘Str-’ ‘Spr-’ and ‘Spl-’ Blends Pack: Words, Phrases, Sentences and Story


This ‘S’ blend pack focuses on words using the three letter beginning blends or consonant clusters:  ‘scr-’, ‘str-’, ‘spr-’ and ‘spl-’.


This pack is suitable for students learning three letter beginning blends. Generally, this will be in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th Grade, depending on their reading stage. It fits into Lesson 11 of the June Orton OG Sequence, but can be used independently of the OG sequence as well.


The pack includes: 

  • Teacher/Educator notes

  • Student ‘readiness’ assessment, to judge if this pack is a good fit for your child or student.

  • Teacher word, phrase and sentence lists to give an overview of words and sentences covered.

  • ‘scr-’, ‘str-’, spr-’ and ‘spl-’ sound flashcards

  • 20 word flashcards containing these sounds

  • 28 phrase flashcards 

  • Over 60 sentence flashcards

  • 1 controlled text story, using all four blends



The flashcards can be used as a teaching tool, as well as in a reinforcement game or activity. 

The flashcards need preparation involving printing (and laminating if needed) as well as cutting out.

The story is ready to print and use.