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This is a bundle of 30 color clipart images of a realistic look at modern space travel, including the new NASA Artemis, Mars colonization, Elon Musk and much more!

This set is perfect for creating worksheets, presentations, tests or assignments and may be used for personal or commercial purposes.

All images are high resolution (300 dpi) with transparent backgrounds at least 8 inches in size.

An additional set with the Black and White versions of the same images are available in my shop. (Not included in this set)

Description of images included in Color

1. Artemis rocket 2022

2. Astronaut suit

3. Astronemer with telescope

4. Curious girl looking in telescope

5. Elon Musk portrait

6. Female Astronaut

7. Intrepid Moon Rover

8. James Webb Telescope

9. Lander with parachutes

10. Mars astronaut lander

11. Mars base camp with human colonist

12. Mars futuristic colonist with robot rover

13. Mars futuristic colony living quarters

14. Mars futuristic factory for terraforming

15. Mars planet

16. Meteor

17. Modern Lunar Landing module

18. Modern private Space Rocket

19. The Moon

20. Observatory

21. Optical Telescope

22. Orion Artemis Spacecraft 2022 color

23. Passenger Spaceship

24. Radio Telescope

25. Rover modern with an astronaut on Moon

26. Rover Perseverance

27. Satellite

28. Space colony dome

29. Space colony pod

30. Space vehicle

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