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This packet contains 80+ word problems for daily math which can be used for morning warm ups and test prep. Each page was designed in a way which will encourage the student to show the way in which they attained their answer. I love to see the different ways they use to get to the answer and if they don’t arrive at the answer I can go ahead and see what happened. By seeing the steps they took allows me to overview and reinforce those concepts in order for the student to achieve success. Because you will be providing daily math word problems the student will be more secure and sure of themselves when facing end of the year exams especially since in 3rd grade they begin taking standardized tests. Students will read each word problems and “plan” by choosing an operation or multiple depending on how they go about it. They have ample space to solve their problems and will have a box to show how they can double check their answers. Now, the reason I love this box is because we are able to see them use division to show multiplication and vice versa when dealing with those types of problems so we are in essence tackling 2 things at once.

The types of problems in here will range from adding 3 digit numbers, subtracting 3 digit numbers, adding decimals, subtracting decimals, counting money, 2 step problems, multiplication, division, time intervals, odd and even number practice which will all be aligned to common core standards. The pages address at the bottom which standard is being practiced.

Because you have a wide variety of problems you will have something for every student and their skill type should you need to take the packet apart and make it your own.


✅Word problem of the day front cover

✅Math keywords for the back cover

✅80+ math word problems

✅Editable PPT to create your own!

May your students bloom and grow.

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