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Onomatopoeia are words that sound like the objects they name or the sounds those objects make. With these eye catching worksheets the kiddos will have fun completing sentences using words from the word banks to make sense of every sentence. Some of the sheets will require glue and scissors where students will match a word that would make the sound described by the sentence given. Supplement your lesson with these sheets today. Includes poster for class describing what onomatopoeia is and an example. There is a total of 12 cards included with example words perfect for your bulletin board or small reading groups.

Words used in the sheets: splat, bolt, boom, snap, bang, meow, smack, puff, hush, cuckoo, clatter, fizz, squeak, splash, crunch, howled, ring, purrs, pop, sizzling, crack, hoot, click, drip, slurped, rattle, buzz, tick-tock, crackle, vroomed, screeched, roar, growled, zapped, hiss, poof, yawn, clapped, mumbled, bark, squealed, bang, pow, pop, boing, snap, zip, sniff, quack, snip, splat, crash, moo, tap.


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