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This pack contains a total of 85 vocabulary words for use throughout the year. Can be used as handouts, word walls, bulletin boards, and interactive journals. The words included for each section is located below. I’ve also included a EDITABLE PPT so you can create your own just in case I’ve over looked some but the words in here pretty much cover what our kiddos will need to go over their FULL YEAR in 3rd year Elementary. Printer friendly by including 3 vocabulary words in one page. Incorporate these words into your classroom and/or lesson plan to achieve complete understanding with examples in some for students comprehension. Save time and hit the target with this awesome pack!

✅Properties of Matter: 26 vocabulary words

✅Natural World: 14 vocabulary words

✅Solar System: 7 vocabulary words

✅Ecosystems: 13 vocabulary words

✅Force and Motion: 11 vocabulary words

✅Weather: 3 vocabulary words

✅Structures and Functions of Organisms: 11 vocabulary words

✅PPT to create your own vocabulary cards with 5 different templates

Properties of Matter: attract, Celsius, condensation, cooling, energy, evaporation, freeze, gas, heating, liquid, magnet, magnetic, magnetism, mass, matter, melting, mixture, nonmagnetic, physical change, physical property, repel, solid, states of matter, temperature, thermal energy, water vapor.

Natural World: decomposition, earthquake, erosion, erupt, geologist, land form, landslide, lava, magma, model, natural resource, soil, volcano, weathering.

Solar system: planet, solar system, orbit, revolution, rotation, limitations, moon.

Ecosystems: community, consumer, decomposer, ecosystem, food chain, habitat, organism, perish, population, predator, prey, producer, thrive.

Force and motion: attract, force, friction, gravity, magnetism, motion, position, pull, push, repel, work.

Weather: atmosphere, meteorologist, weather.

Structures and Functions of Organisms: structure, function, plant, animal, environment, survive, adaptations, habitat, movement, protection, behavior.


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