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Students will practice adding and subtracting within 1,000 using strategies used in the classroom. Students will learn the relationship between addition and subtraction by knowing about their inverse relationship. By learning inverse relationships students will be able to solve addition and subtraction with missing numbers. Contains handout that shows students when to round up and when to round down when rounding to the nearest 10 or 100.

This resource includes posters that offer quick reference and help to students through visual reinforcement of learned properties of operations for addition and multiplication. All the definitions to each operation are written to avoid jargon for easier comprehension by students. Use these as handouts or posters in your class.

If you want the posters only they can be found


This is unit is going to be part of a bundle soon which will be entirely up for purchase at a discount price. Once that bundle is completed which will entail a total of 10 units put together with 300+ pages the link will be provided here for all you super amazing people. Implement these worksheets in your lesson plan to ease student understanding and provide that extra practice some kiddos may need.