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The posters included are designed for student visual representation of what a frequency table, dot plot, pictograph, and bar graph look like and how the data is displayed. With these posters in your classroom you will reinforce student understanding and guide them through proper steps of displaying data. Exclusive one page handout has all four examples, perfect for their take home folders. The posters show and remind the kiddos to use titles, symbols/pictures, key, scale, and labels when creating charts. The assignments that accompany these posters focus on students being able to graph information given, summarize what they are looking at when seeing data, and use categories. Students will make dot plots, frequency tables, pictograph, and bar graphs. Perfect for test prep.

Posters come only in B&W. If you would like only the posters in color and B&W please click here.

This is unit is going to be part of a bundle soon which will be entirely up for purchase at a discount price. Once that bundle is completed which will entail a total of 10 units put together with 300+ pages the link will be provided here for all you super amazing people. Implement these worksheets in your lesson plan to ease student understanding and provide that extra practice some kiddos may need.