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This jam packed resource contains a huge variety of multiplication and division practice for fluency. This resource contains multiplication practice 1 to 12, representing multiplication in different way, relating multiplication with division and determining whether a number is even or odd.

By showing students pictures, number lines, area models, jumps on a number line, the student will feel confident and grasp what multiplying entails. They will learn that multiplying is like adding but quicker. By looking at pictorial models students will form a multiplication problems. Students will also have a booklet which they can go over and memorize the multiplication facts and a booklet for them to practice showing even and odd numbers. Perfect for test preparation.

The posters included in this resource are in black and white.

This is unit is going to be part of a bundle soon which will be entirely up for purchase at a discount price. Once that bundle is completed which will entail a total of 10 units put together with 300+ pages the link will be provided here for all you super amazing people. Implement these worksheets in your lesson plan to ease student understanding and provide that extra practice some kiddos may need.