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Coming up with good word problems can be hard. Here is a whole set already done for you! This resource contains 20 fall-themed math problems for 3rd grade.

Problems involve:

  • addition

  • subtraction

  • rounding

  • multiplication

  • division

  • one and two-step problem solving

Some of the problems ask students to explain their strategy or the steps they took to solve in addition to providing an answer.

The word problems are provided in a variety of formats:

Math Journal Prompts

Printed with 5 per page to cut and pass out so students can glue them into their journals and then solve in the space below.

1/2 Page Worksheets

Includes space for students to do their work right on the page. These can be stapled into a booklet, used as separate worksheets, or laminated for use in centers with dry erase marker.

Whole Page

These can be projected or printed out for whole group instruction and solving together. You can also print and hang them around the room for a math walk. Give students clip boards and sticky notes and send the around to solve problems. They can stick their answer up on the wall next to the problem.