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Four Seasons Activities and Poster (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall / Autumn)

6 Writing, Drawing, and Sorting Activities

1 Poster with Definitions and Examples


The poster is great for a mini lesson as it shows examples, names of the four seasons (Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall), and the months that they fall in. The poster is also a great resource and reference for students to use and refer back to with the corresponding activities. The activities can be done whole group, small group, with a partner, or individually/independently. There is a drawing and writing activity for students to draw pictures of things you wear, the weather, and holidays for each season. They can also write sentences to further describe the season. Another activity allows students to draw and compare all seasons at once, together on the same page. The last activity allows for students to cut out images and organize them by gluing the pictures into the category or the corresponding season title. They are practicing sorting and classifying the characteristics of each of the four seasons.