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Get your class some neat vocabulary cards for your science class! The vocabulary cards included come in beautiful color and they also come in black and white to be printer friendly. The vocabulary cards come with definitions that are easy for the students to understand in order to encourage discussions further into this topic. Students will learn new vocabulary words related to adaptations to survival, review them with the handy dandy student version included, and get quizzed on the vocabulary words. This will prepare your students for quizzes and exams. Bridge the gap with this awesome vocabulary pack!

This bundle includes:

✅Full color vocabulary pack

✅Black and white vocabulary pack

✅Student version folder insert vocabulary

✅Vocabulary Quiz

✅Quiz Answer key


Make an awesome word wall with this set!

13 Vocabulary words included: carnivores, consumer, decomposer, dependent, ecosystem, food web, habitat, herbivores, model, niche, omnivores, photosynthesis, producer.


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