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This color-by-number packet is a professional series designed by a neuroscience expert with brain growth in mind (read more below) to make differentiation easy and math practice fun!

You’ll love this time saving tool because math standards and “I can” statements are on every worksheet, helping you communicate your instructional objectives and learning targets to students, teachers, parents, and administrators. Your students will love the challenge of following step-by-step directions to design their first ever “Create-Your-Own” color-by-number.

This product includes 24 printables:

  • 7 different math color-by-number worksheets
  • 7 answer keys
  • 7 drawings without math problems 
  • Student directions so that students can design 7 different Create-Your Own worksheets
  • Teacher Directions 
  • A “Show Your Work” page).

Here are 7 reasons you’ll love the Use My Mind Save Your Time Color-by-Number printables.


1) This 4th grade math color-by-number packet solves problems related to morning work, homework, bell ringers, and math centers! This color-by-number resource will SWEETEN UP math fluency and SAVE YOU TIME by creating predictable routines that help students have fun learning!!


2) Students can CREATE THEIR OWN Color-by-Number worksheets. Each packet comes with SEVEN different pictures, an answer key, a drawing without any problems inside (to be used for the create-your-own color-by-number), AND, a Student Friendly Step-by-Step Set of Directions to CREATE-YOUR-OWN Color-by-Number!!!


3) These color-by-number printables relieve the pain of differentiating to meet your students’ needs. With several “I Can” statements in each packet, just choose the one that fits your students. Join teachers all over the world who are using this math color-by-number resource and see how easy it is to differentiate!!!!


4) The “Use My Mind Save Your Time” math color-by-number packets are available in 6 different grade levels in a variety of themes that will support your science or holiday units: Desert, Rainforest, Under-the-Sea, U.S. National Holidays, and Around-the-World Winter Holidays.


5) Neuroscientist turned-middle-school teacher, Judy Willis, M.D., says that when students have an Achievable Challenge and are able to find their own Friendly Mistakes that dopamine (the reward hormone) is released and students’ neural networks related to the topic they are working on actually BECOME STRONGER.

Achievable Challenge Grows Their Brain

These “Use My Mind Save Your Time” Math Color-by-Number worksheets are an Achievable Challenge because students are typically allowed to do them on their own time, using the resources they need to get the answer right (releasing dopamine, Oh, ya!).

Friendly Mistakes Grows Their Brain

These “Use My Mind Save Your Time” Math Color-by-Number printables help students quickly see their math mistakes because if they solve a math problem and their answer does not have a color associated with it, they have learned for themselves that they’ve made a mistake. This easy, low-stakes way of finding their mistakes is called a “friendly mistake.” It can help us learn and help our brains grow. (Allowing students to look at the answer key when they are finished is another way to have students find “friendly mistakes.”)


6) Administrators, Teachers, Parents, and Students will ALWAYS KNOW what Math Standard students are working on because the specific CCSS code is printed on the bottom of every worksheet that tells the math standard students are working on.


7) The “Use My Mind Save Your Time” math color-by-number resource is available in EVERY grade from Kindergarten thru 5th grade. So, if your student is not on grade level, just grab a packet for a lower or higher grade.

These math color-by-number worksheets are like a breakfast cereal fortified with fun AND learning! Add them to your morning (homework, or math center) routine and watch your students ENJOY building their math fluency.

Worksheets in the U.S. National Holiday Packet Include:

1) Labor Day (1st Monday in September)

2) Constitution Day (September 17)

3) Columbus Day (2nd Monday in October)

4) George Washington’s Birthday (3rd Monday in February)

5) President’s Day (3rd Monday in February)

6) Memorial Day (last Monday in May)

7) Independence Day (July 4)

Note: There are 2 worksheets for the holiday celebrated on the 3rd Monday in February (George Washington’s Birthday and President’s Day).

Check out my blog about using resources to bring joy to your teaching life!

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