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The 5 Little Reindeer jumping on the roof is a fun interactive way to combine music, literacy, and drama! I have included several options for use.


  • 2 Song lyrics with follow-along rhythm dots options. Use both to follow the dots with your instrument and play the song! 1st option is a 1-page countdown with numbers you can remove, 2nd option 5 pages of the song each page counts down the reindeer.
  • A sequencing page. Put the reindeer in order of how they fell off the roof.
  • 2 sets of Reindeer jumping: 1 set with white background “puppets”, 1 set without for flannel or magnetic boards.
  • 2 sets of fallen Reindeer with owies: 1 set with white background, 1 set without.
  • 2 Santa’s: 1 with a white background, 1 without.
  • 3 sets of Doctors: 1 boy and girl brunette, 1 boy and girl blonde, 1 boy and girl redhead. All 3 sets come with white backgrounds and without.
  • 3 House options to use the interactive props with the song:
    – Rooftops in day and night options to use with jumping reindeer only or
    include the fallen hurt reindeer.
    – 2-page house. Reindeer jumping on the roof on top and the fallen
    reindeer with owies on the bottom (2nd page).
    – House cut out with clouds and snow cut-outs to use with flannel or
    magnetic boards.
  • Black and white pages including every prop so students can color their own scene and retell the song at home!
  • There are also large band-aids. Have students make hand-print antlers and act out the song. Apply the band-aids when they fall off!


So many ways to incorporate this cute and fun song into your daily curriculum!! Let me know how much fun you had with it!


This resource is also great for substitutes – a sub pack, student teachers, classroom helpers, homeschool, or groups!


Keep a lookout for more fun and interactive songs!

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