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If you are looking for affordable yet quality worksheets, feel free to check this bundle! Finding the perfect activities for your students or kids may be time consuming. This mega bundle is perfect for the whole year. This bundle has 500+ pages!

These activities are perfect for early childhood, preschool, kindergarten, Sped or therapies.

Kids love dot marker activity. This do-a-dot activity improves fine motor skill and even creativity skill. This dot marker activity is perfect for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten or special education classes. We included colored and B&W versions. (Pages will vary)

Instructions: Use a dot marker/bingo dauber to dab the white circles on each page.

  1. Letter Aa – apple, ax, ant, anchor, alligator, apron, ape, acorn, angel (No b/w), April (No b/w)
  2. Letter Bb – bacon, balloon, banana, Basketball, bear, bee, bird, book, boat, butterfly
  3. Letter Cc – cactus, candies, cake, car, carrot, cat, cone, cookie, cupcake, camera
  4. Letter Dd – daisy, deer, diamond, dinosaur, dog, dolphin, door, duck, donut, dice
  5. Letter Ee – ear, eagle, eel, equal sign, eat, egg, elephant, elevator, eggplant, envelope
  6. Letter Ff – fire, feathers, fox, Football, foot, fish, fireplace, farm, forest, fire truck
  7. Letter Gg – gown, gorilla, gold, gift, garbage can, goat, guitars, game board, goldfish, grapes
  8. Letter Hh – hamburger, hand, heart, helmet, honey, house, horse, helicopter, hotdog sandwich, hippopotamus
  9. Letter Ii – ice cream, ice, island, iron, idea, igloo, iguana, in, inchworm, insects
  10. Letter Jj – juice, jigsaw puzzle, jewel, jellyfish, jellybean, jelly, jeans, jar, jacket, jungle
  11. Letter Kk – kangaroo, kiwi, kiwi bird, kite, kettle, key, koala, kid, kitchen, ketchup
  12. Letter Ll – lock, lollipop, lips, lion, lettuce, leaf, leg, lemonade, lobster, lantern
  13. Letter Mm – magnet, map, mirror, mittens, mole, monkey, moon, mountain, mouse, monster
  14. Letter Nn – note, nose, notebook, nap, narwhal, nest, noodles, nuts, nights, noon
  15. Letter Oo – ox, ostrich, olive, octopus, octagon, old, ocean, oval, otter, owl
  16. Letter Pp – pyramid, pumpkin, pot, popsicle, pocket, pineapple, pig, pie, peacock, pepper
  17. Letter Qq – quiver, quilt, question mark, queen, quarter, quack, quail, quartz, quetzal, quicksand
  18. Letter Rr – run, rose, rooster, rock, robot, rocket, ring, rattle, raincoat, rainbow
  19. Letter Ss – sun, sunflower, sandwich, seahorse, seal, soap, socks, submarine, spider, sofa
  20. Letter Tt – toast, tiger, tie, teddy bear, tambourine, taco, tea, tomato, toucan, toe
  21. Letter Uu – uniform, unicorn, unicycle, upstairs, UFO, unlock, underground, umbrella, umpire, ukulele
  22. Letter Vv – vote, volcano, violin, van, vase, vulture, volleyball, vest, valley, vacuum
  23. Letter Ww – watermelon, wallet, walrus, window, witch, windmill, wig, well, watch, wall
  24. Letter Xx – xylophone, x-ray, t-rex, mix, lynx, box, fax, sax, wax, tux
  25. Letter Yy – yellow, yard, yam, yak, yarn, yo-yo, yoga, yogurt, yolk, yawn
  26. Letter Zz – zebra, zoo, zookeeper, zombie, zebra fish, zap, zeppelin, zero, zinnia, zither

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