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This is the ultimate 5th grade math vocabulary game inspired by Taboo < (click for video directions on how to play Taboo). This game will encourage students into using higher level vocabulary in an engaging way while reviewing TEKS inspired vocabulary and their definitions.

This resource includes a google doc packed with a whopping 210 essential math terms and their crystal-clear definitions. Students can use the list and study before playing the game and boosting their mathematical literacy! Also included, is a blank log with all the words where students can write the definitions in their own words throughout the year or as an end of the year review.


What’s Included

  • One vocabulary game inspired by Taboo < click for video directions on how to play taboo
  • One 5th grade math teks aligned vocabulary list with 210 words and their definitions
  • One blank log with just the vocabulary words and a blank space for students to add their own definitions



1. Students are put into small groups with an even number of players.

2. Each group is split into 2 teams.

3. The clue giver will start a 1-minute timer and turn over a card so nobody can see. (colors don’t matter)

4. The clue giver now says words (not sounds or gestures) to get their team to guess the word at the top of the card.

5. The clue giver cannot say any of the words (or forms of the words) listed on the card. Formations include: abbreviations, tenses (past, present, future), initials, spelling, letters, sounds like, rhyming, smaller version words, compound words.

6. Teammates can guess as many words as possible before the timer runs out.

7. The clue giver may pass on a word and place it in a discard pile.

8. If the clue giver uses an illegal word, the opposing team who is monitoring, can sound a buzzer or shout the word “AVID.” Then the clue giver must place the card in the discard pile and try a new word.

9. When the timer is done the team will count up how many points earned based off of how many words were guessed correctly. The opposing team gets one point for each card placed in the discard pile.

10 . Switch teams and repeat. The team with the highest points, wins!


*This resource is available for Outschool teachers to purchase without the need for extra licenses.


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