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Orton Gillingham Approach to Syllables – Types and Syllable Division Rules: As a Teacher, I see that decoding multisyllabic words is best learned by teaching syllable types. Research shows that explicitly teaching the six syllable types using the multi-sensory approach increases a student’s ability to decode multisyllabic words. Student not only need to be able to hear and clap out syllables, but also identify the types and rules that accompany the syllable types. Being proficient in syllable identification and application increases a students reading and spelling ability. This unit includes what you need to take your students through that process. I have included posters for whole group syllable introduction and teaching to be used as anchor charts and a variety of practice pages for independent practice or small group instruction. I found that most OG products are geared for students in K-1 or 4-5 and had difficulty finding a middle ground for my struggling 3rd grade. These pages coordinate perfectly with the Orton-Gillingham syllables lessons and are appropriate for grades 2-3.

1 . Cover Page

2. Table of Contents

3. Orton-Gillingham Scope & Sequence (Highlighted)

4.Learning Syllables Introduction Poster

5.Syllable Song to Introduce Syllable Unit

6.6 Syllable Types Poster

7.Open Syllables Poster

8.Closed Syllables Poster

9.Vowel Team Syllable Poster

10.Magic E Syllable Poster

11.Bossy R Syllable Rules Poster

12.Consonant + LE Syllable Type Poster

13.Diphthong Syllable Type Poster

14.Open & Closed Syllable House Practice Poster

15 – 21 – Color and B&W Syllable House Practice Pages

22.Open or Closed? Syllable Practice Worksheet

23. Vowel Team or Magic E? Syllable Practice Worksheet

24. Bossy R or Diphthong? Syllable Practice Worksheet

25.Magic E, Diphthong or Bossy R? Syllable Practice Worksheet

26.Haiku Poem (Syllable Application) Template

27.Syllable Division Rules Poster

28.VCCV Syllable Pattern Division Poster

29.VC/CVCe Syllable Pattern Division Poster

30. VC/CCV and VC/CCCV Syllable Division Poster

31.V/CV Syllable Pattern Poster

32.C+LE Syllable Pattern Poster

33. V/V Syllable Division Poster

34.Compounds Words Syllable Pattern Poster

35.Words with Affixes Syllable Division

36. – 44 Syllable Division Practice with each syllable type

45. Credits

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