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INSTANT FUN! 65 quick ELA games and activities are crammed into the vibrant pages of this grades 3-4 resource. It is paperless AND non-digital! Sometimes you need a game to soak up a few spare minutes (or as a sanity-saver for Friday afternoon), but you don’t have time to photocopy or even to upload anything digitally. These fun activities are all you need in a tight corner. Super for subs too! You can leave this package on your desk and walk away with confidence.

A few games in the collection give an option you could use if you DO have photocopying time, but none require it. The activities are perfect for developing classroom community. Class spirit will thrive! The class that laughs together learns together!
There are 5 sections.

1. Individual games. These are played by students on their own, with just the help of a scrap of paper form the recycling container.

2. Team games. These are played in pairs and some in small groups. Others involve the whole class at once.

3. Fun mini writing activities. Most of these are light, very short, individual pieces of creative writing.

4. Silly speeches. These are very short impromptu speeches on silly topics.

5. Riddles. Students listen attentively to mystery stories to work out the solutions.


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