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Apple Unit filled with 44 math and literacy pages that your entire class is sure to enjoy. Many of the pages are Common Core Aligned to help students master the standards.

*Apple Parts Diagram Poster
*Apple Parts Diagram (cut and paste)
*I Can Write Uppercase/Lowercase Letters on Apples
*Color By Sight Word Code Apple Tree
*Sequencing – Apple Tree Seasons (cut and paste)
*Sequencing – Apple Life Cycle (cut and paste)
*Sequencing – Eating an Apple (cut and paste)
*Apple Tasting Party Activity
*Mini-book “I Like Apples”
*Class Survey and Graph – “Do You Like Apple Pie”
*Class Survey and Graph – “Do You Like Apple Juice”
*Life Cycle of an Apple Diagram (coloring poster)
*Life Cycle of an Apple (cut and paste activity)
*Practice “right” and “left” (cut and paste half an apple)
*Cut, Paste, Write Activity – Scrambled Apple Sentence
*I Can Write About Apples (blank writing page)
*Trace Numbers 1 – 10 on Apples
*Missing Numbers 1 – 10 (cut and paste apples)
*Trace Numbers 1 – 20 on Apples
*Answer Number Questions About The Picture (worksheet)
*Apple Addition Practice – Sums to 6 (cut and paste answers)
*How Many Apples and Seeds (worksheets)
*Matching Numbers to Baskets of Apples (1-20)
*Count the Seeds (cut and paste)
*Write The Number Of Apples In Each Basket (worksheet)
*Amazing Apple Time Graph – Color, Count, Graph