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Possibly the only Contractions resource you’ll need! This resource covers 66 different contractions in 13 scaffolded explanation worksheets, 13 practice worksheets, and a 5-page story to fill in all the contractions. Great practice!

Each of the 13 explanation worksheets gives students a chart with the two words and the contraction, and asks them to complete the chart by writing which letters are replaced by the apostrophe. Then they are asked to refer to the chart while filling in the blanks in sentences with the required contraction. The worksheets can be used in any order.

Each of the 13 practice worksheets give students a list of phrases and contractions and asks them to draw lines to match them. They also will fill in the blanks in 10 sentences with the correct contractions.

The 13 practice worksheets match with the 13 explanation worksheets (a page of the explanation worksheets covers the same contractions as a page of the practice worksheets). They can be used together or used for differentiation.

The 5-page practice story is about a girl whose dog runs away in the park. Students fill in the blanks with the
contraction listed under the blank. All 66 contractions are used in this story. The pages are numbered 1-5.

The 13 worksheet topics include:

  • Contractions with “am”, “is” and “are”;
  • Contractions with “have” and “has”;
  • Contractions with “had”;
  • Contractions with “will”;
  • Contractions with “would”;
  • “not” Contractions: “is”, “are”, “was” and “were”;
  • “not” Contractions: “have”, “has”, and “had”;
  • “not” Contractions: “would”, “could”, and “should”;
  • “not” Contractions: “do”, “does”, and “did”;
  • “not” Contractions: “will”, “can”, and “must”;
  • Contractions and Question Words;
  • Contractions with “that” and “there”;
  • Contractions: “would’ve”, “could’ve”, “should’ve”

This resource is designed for Grades 3-5. It also may be a useful review for older kids.

The story has no explanations of the contractions, and so could be used as an assessment if desired.

This resource supports Common Core standards L.3.2, L.3.3, L.4.1, L.4.2, L.5.1


This resource is formatted for use with Google Drive.
The content is not editable, but there are text boxes for students to
write their answers.


This resource is also available in PDF format:  66 Contractions! – 31 worksheet pages – Scaffolded – Grades 3-4-5 – CCSS