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No Prep Pack First Grade.  This pack includes math and literacy printables for 1st grade. Some of the worksheets and printables are related to holidays, but the majority of the worksheets can be used any time of the year. The worksheets are also useful for advanced kindergarten or 2nd grade review for struggling students.


*S Blends (cut and paste)

*Circle the S Blends That Match The Picture

*Write The S Blend Words

*Paste The Blends To Complete The Words (br,bl,cr,cl,fl,fr)

*Circle The Blends (variety of blends)

*Digraph Practice (cut and paste)

*Circle The Digraph That Matches Each Picture

*Write The Digraph Word Under Pictures

*ABC Order Activities – Cut, Order, Write (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine Day, Earth Day, Cinco De Mayo)

*Build A Sentence Worksheets

*Spin A Compound Word

*Find Action Verbs

*Make A Plural

*Plurals And Possessives Printable

*Nouns And Verbs Sorting (cut and paste)

*Frogs Out Of Order (use scrambled words to make sentences)

*Mixed Up Sombreros (use scrambled words to make sentences)

*Make A Statement Writing Worksheet

*Write A Question Worksheet

*Fix The Mixed Up Sentences

*Write About The Pictures Worksheets

*Fall, Winter, Spring Writing Templates

*Addition Missing Addends Worksheet

*Subtraction Missing Addends Worksheet

*Color By Subtraction

*Color By Addition

*Spin It And Solve (10 more and 10 less)

*Write The Time

*Four Color, Count, Tally, Graph Worksheets

*Color By Odd Numbers

*Fractions Practice (color the fractions)

*Add Pennies, Nickels, and Dimes

*Flowerpot Math – Counting By 2s

*Flower Garden Math – Counting By 5s

*Caterpillar Math – Counting By 10s

I hope you and your students enjoy these activities.