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Beginning Alphabet Sounds worksheets for every letter of the alphabet. On each page color the pictures that begin with the letter.

*5 Short Vowel Worksheets
*5 Long Vowel Worksheets
*One Worksheet For Each Consonant


Great for anytime of year: fall, winter, spring, and summer

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I hope you enjoy these Beginning Alphabet Sounds worksheets and find them useful.


Learning the letter sounds is one of the first steps in becoming a reader.  Students first learn the consonant and short vowel sounds.  After the short vowel sounds, children can begin learning the long vowel sounds.  Next, they should begin to identify beginning sounds, ending sounds, and middle sounds when spoken by an adult.  Once students are able to identify the beginning, middle, and ending sounds in simple words, they can begin blending.

Practice blending three letter words together daily.  Focus on words that use the spelling pattern consonant, vowel, consonant (CVC).  Point to each letter as you slowly blend them into a word.  With plenty of practice with an adult students will begin to form the ability to blend and read CVC words independently.

Combine their ability to blends CVC words with memorized high frequency words.  These are words that are commonly used and they are usually not words that can be blended easily such as “the”, “of”, “what”.  By creating simple sentence with CVC words and high frequency words, children will begin to read and build self-confidence.