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This resource includes 7 worksheets for the clothes unit. It is appropriate for novice students. Depending on the pacing of your school, this resource could be used for Spanish 1 or 2.

Printing in Black and White? No problem!

Students will need to see the pictures in color to do some of the exercises. If you want to print the worksheets in black and white, you have to options:

1) Make a copy of the google slides presentation (linked in the PDF) and show it to the students while they are working.

2) If you don’t use google slides, you can project the last three pages of the downloadable PDF instead. I have put all the pictures in a portrait image.

Here is what each worksheet includes:

  • Worksheet 1: Vocabulary Worksheet
  • Worksheet 2: Crossword
  • Worksheet 3: Match descriptions with picture
  • Worksheet 4: What would you wear to… + short writing
  • Worksheet 5: Reading + Writing on Use of Uniforms
  • Worksheet 6: Llevar + Fill-in-the-gap text
  • Worksheet 7:Preguntas Personales

Answer Key included for all worksheets.