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Thanksgiving Math Puzzle for centers or other small group activities.

This sample page comes from my 15 page Thanksgiving Number Puzzles packet ($1.00).
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There is 1 puzzle in this download. It includes 1 puzzle for practicing counting by 10 from 10-100.

Print out in color, laminate for durability, cut out the strips, and place them into envelopes. Keep the envelopes in a file folder with your other file folder games. Pull out the set of numbers students need to practice during their math centers time. Students assemble the numbers in order. After the puzzle is assembled correctly, a mystery picture is revealed. On a recording sheet (blank sheet of paper), I ask the students to draw a sketch of the picture that is revealed.

(Additional Option) If you want to make the puzzle even easier to keep together once laminated, add a little Velcro (hook side) to the back of each puzzle piece. You can then model assembly on a large Velcro-friendly fabric board like felt or have the students put the pieces on a felt board.

This is a fun and simple way to create a daily numbers center.