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January First Grade Workbook for math and literacy.  This Common Core aligned pack has 40 pages of winter printable pages for your students. Preparing for the month will be a cinch with this packet. Easy prep. Print the pages and use them for daily homework, morning work, small group work, or other independent practice activities.

*How Many 10s and 1s (Base Ten Practice)
*Addition Worksheet (Write The Missing Addends)
*Subtraction Worksheet (Write The Missing Number)
*Comparing Numbers (Write ,=)
*Match Two Digit Numerals With Number Words (cut and paste)
*Write 10 More and 10 Less
*Spin A Number, Then Find 10 More And 10 Less (use a pencil and paperclip for spinners)
*Two Part Number Stories (uses part-part-total diagram)
*Three Part Number Stories (uses part-part-part-total diagram)
*Winter Measurements (cut out snowflake graphics as units of measurement)
*Order By Size (cut and paste 5 images in order)
*Write Digital and Analog Time
*Small Order By Size Worksheet (cut and paste 3 images in order)
*Color, Count, Tally, and Graph Winter Worksheets
*Snowman Color By Addition
*Winter Penguin Color By Subtraction
*Number Stories Worksheet (using any strategy)
*Make The Winter Fractions (1/2, 1/4, 2/3, 2/4)

*Sort Winter Words By Category (coloring)
*Circle Beginning Blends (sn, sl)
*Write Beginning Blend Words (sn, sl)
*Long vs. Short A Sounds (cut and paste)
*Long vs. Short E Sounds (cut and paste)
*Long vs. Short I Sounds (cut and paste)
*Sort Words By Category (Living/Nonliving cut and paste)
*Winter Proper and Common Nouns Spinner Worksheet (spin, identify, and write the words)
*Civil Rights Proper and Common Nouns Spinner Worksheet (spin, identify, and write the words)
*January ABC Order (cut, order, and write the words)
*Spin-A-Compound Word (spin, write, and draw real or nonsense words)
*Write Winter Statements with correct punctuation and capitalization
*Write Winter Questions with correct punctuation and capitalization
*Comma Practice – Rewrite sentences and separate the series of words with commas. Add commas to dates.
*Add Plurals (-s and -es)
*Possessive vs. Plurals Worksheets – Identify the possessive nouns
*Write About It – January Pictures (write one or more sentences about 3 separate winter pictures)
*Categorize Nouns and Verbs (cut and paste)
*Penguin Scrambled Sentences – Unscramble words to make a simple sentence, then add an adjective using a word spinner.
*Write about Martin Luther King Jr. (writing worksheet with a related word bank, lines, and a picture of Martin Luther King Jr.)

I hope this packet is fun and helpful for you and your students.