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My students absolutely loved to do this activity due to the coloring of the different patterns. They had some space to solve the problems and after solving the problems they graphed them on the line to show their understanding. There are a total of 5 different geometric patterns and each sheet pattern comes with its very own graphing sheet for students to use. Your class will enjoy the tranquility of solving and coloring. Some of the problems will be easy while some may be more challenging, I’ve noticed some struggle with the use of distributive property in the inequalities. By having a broad range of problems you will be able to see where the students need more help or in what part of the solving process they are struggling. I’ve included the answer sheet with all the steps in case you’ve may need it to quickly reference the steps the student took to obtain the answer.


TEKS addressed:

  • 7.10(B) – Represent solutions for equation and inequalities on number lines
  • 7.11(B) – Determine if values for equations and inequalities are true


Hope this helps. <3