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As an EFL teacher I developed these sight word worksheets based on the Dolch word list that covers 220 frequently used words. Having so many students working at different levels I wanted to use something that could be accessible to all, whilst being fun and engaging. My own students are of kindergarten age and are learning English as a second language and I’m pleased to say that these worksheets have greatly benefited their vocabulary and reading comprehension.

I’ve tried to make these worksheets as easy to understand and as useful as possible, allowing for reading, writing and speaking comprehension at an easy to follow pace. As all (or at least most) kids love to draw and color there is a drawing space so that they can illustrate the provided sentence. Most of the sentences try to build on and reinforce what they previously learned as well as being a story that can be easily understood and easy to illustrate.

In my own classes I try and use the worksheets in the following way, but feel free to use them however feels most beneficial to your own students:

  1. Use the provided flashcards to practice the words you will study for the day
  2. Give a simple explanation of how to go through the worksheet
  3. Have students choose three colors (or request them from the teacher for ESL classes)
  4. Let students work through the worksheet reading the sentence patterns at least 3 times.
  5. After reading 3 times read out loud in front of the teacher (or class for smaller classes)
  6. Have them draw a picture of the story if they read it well.
  7. Compare their picture with the teachers version (displayed on another worksheet or on the board)
  8. Check off the words learned on the word checklist which can be reviewed later

The additional benefit of these sight worksheets are that students can be left to do them on their own once they have been told the instructions for the first time. For words that they struggle with.

Included in this “Sight Word Worksheet Pack” are:

  • 80 Worksheets (PP – 14, P – 18, 1st – 15, 2nd – 17, 3rd – 16)
  • 220 flashcards for each sight word
  • 1 word checklist for each word group

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to get in touch as I’d like to make my worksheets as useful as possible.