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Sherlock Holmes’ A Case of Identity is a timeless classic that has enthralled readers for generations. This complete unit will help guide your students as they demonstrate understanding of basic reading skills, as well as, engage them in thinking beyond the text.

The included questions and activities are designed to get students actively involved in the story as they make inferences, draw conclusions, and discuss the events and characters. This unit is the perfect way to introduce young readers to one of literature’s greatest sleuths!

  • Author Study – A short one-page researched biography has been included to help teachers introduce Sir Arthur Conon Doyle to students.

  • Stop N Jot – This is a fabulous activity that helps keep students focused on the reading. There are four pages devoted to stop ‘n jot. At the end of each reading page, students are to stop, think about what they’ve read and then jot down the main ideas, questions, thoughts and feeling they had as they read. Additionally, there is a space for students to sketch a picture to help them recall the story.

  • Vocabulary Words – Fourteen words from the story have been selected for further study. The words were based on necessity of understanding the story and the likelihood of students seeing the word again in other readings. Students will find the words in the reading, research the definition, and use the word correctly within a sentence.

  • Making Predictions/Text Evidence – Students will read pages 1-6 in which Miss Sutherland recounts the events of how her fiancé goes missing and find the clues to make their own prediction about what happened. Then finish reading the story to check if their prediction was correct.

  • Questions – There are 10 questions that range in difficulty from comprehension to evaluation that will help your students think through the story.

  • Plot Diagram – To continue building on literacy skills, a plot diagram is included. This could be used as an extension activity, whole class activity or independent work depending on the level of understanding your students have.

  • Just the Facts (Chronology) – In the second half of the story, Sherlock explains what happened to Mr. Hosmer Angel. Students write out the facts of the case in chronological order.

  • Alternate Ending (writing task) – Students are asked to write an alternate ending to the story, one in which Miss Sutherland learns the truth. Great for an enrichment activity.

An answer key is included for portions of the reading guide as appropriate. Activities that encourage creative and critical thinking will not have an answer key as more than one answer is appropriate.

This unit is perfect for whole class or small group instruction. Unit could easily be adapted for independent work by turning discussion questions into reader response questions.

All Middle School Café Short Story units are designed to help educators get the most out of each story and encourage students to engage in critical thinking. Reading guides are appropriate for both middle school and high school.

*** A Case of Identity is part of the public domain. A PDF copy and audiobook link of the story is included in this product.