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Help the students in your school or your Sunday School (church group)
to learn about the Death and Resurrection of Jesus with this leveled
Christian Easter activity pack that includes scriptures, writing,
drawing, art projects, writing letters in response to The Great
Commission, games, math, science, AND MORE ! Each lesson comes with both
primary AND intermediate styled writing lines/activities to help you
reach every learner within your classroom each year!


Inside of this newly updated pack, you will find:

* A Packet Cover

* Easter Eggs, Easter Cookies, Easter Dinner, and Easter Celebrations Leveled Writing, Recipe Fun Pages, and Drawing Activities

* “The Death and Resurrection of a Savior” Leveled Writing and Drawing Activities

* Scriptures Reading, Leveled Writing, and Drawing

* Scriptures Reading, Drawing, and Language Skills (highlight the nouns, words with 2 syllables, etc)

* Scriptures Reading and Leveled Written Responses

* Scriptures Reading, Leveled Handwriting, and Drawing

“The Journey to the Cross” and “The Resurrection of a Savior” Leveled
Word Searches and Crossword Puzzles (Great for fun and easy morning work
or early-finishers. The easier word-search puzzles have fewer words,
larger texts, and the words only go across and up/down. The easier
crossword puzzles contain hints for each clue.)

* Leveled Easter Math and Coloring Pages (These work great for morning work or early-finishers)

* Easter Acrostic Poetry

Easter Scriptures Mini-Book (These help tell the full story of His
death and resurrection) To use these for all ability levels, students
can either draw a picture within the given bubble(s) of each verse/what
it means to them, or you can have them use their words to retell/reflect
on the words using a version with writing lines)

* “His Death For My Life” Big Leveled Writing and Drawing Book

* Easter Tic-Tac-Toe and BINGO

* Easter Scriptures and Fun Leveled Cubes

* Easter Mazes

* Leveled Easter Egg Art

Spring Drawings (Students in primary have 1/2 dotted pictures to
complete (trace) and color while the intermediate level contains 1/2
images within grids for the students to complete and then color)

* 4 Hands-On STEAM Activities (Camouflaging an Easter Egg, Dissolving Easter Candies, Egg Drop, and Easter Egg Catapults)

*“The Great Commission” Leveled Bookmark Gifts